Flibe Energy

Our mission is to supply the world with
affordable and sustainable energy,
fresh water, and fuels.

Our Technology and Vision

Flibe Energy is developing liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) technology to access the energies of the element thorium, Earth’s most abundant energy-dense natural resource. Fission of one atom of nuclear fuel releases over one-million-times more energy than burning of any hydrocarbon or other fuel molecule. With LFTR technology, 6,600 tons of thorium could provide the energy equivalent of the annual global consumption of 5 billion tons of coal, 31 billion barrels of oil, 3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, and 65,000 tons of uranium.

The key to efficient, safe and sustainable use of thorium is liquid fuel, particularly, including a combination of lithium fluoride (LiF) and beryllium fluoride (BeF2) salts often called “F-Li-Be.” Liquid FLiBe is ideal for nuclear reactor operation and chemical processing as it is unaffected by neutrons or radiation and is chemically stable. FLiBe salts have tremendous heat capacity with over 1000 degrees of liquid range to transfer large amounts of thermal energy at low pressures, enabling more efficient electricity generation with a more-compact and safer form of nuclear reactor.

LFTR technology is scalable from small 10-50 megawatt reactors that could be used in remote locations up to utility-scale 250 megawatt reactors that could be arrayed for multi-gigawatt installations. With LFTR, the thorium fuel cycle can generate significantly less mining waste and many orders of magnitude less long-term byproduct waste than conventional solid-uranium-fueled energy generation.

LFTR is based on demonstrated technologies with sound operational fundamentals proven by 20,000 hours of molten salt reactor operation. LFTR operates at low pressure—offering greater safety, and at high temperature—offering greater efficiency, with greatly reduced environmental impact relative to conventional reactors.

Flibe Energy

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