About a year ago, I received an unexpected but very welcome phone call from Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who wanted “to talk with me a little bit about thorium…” Since then, a friendship has developed that culminated in dinner last night in Nashville with the original moonwalker and the two of us from Flibe Energy.

Buzz and I arrived at the thorium solution from a similar direction. Both of us were interested in how one might sustainably provide electrical power to a lunar or Mars colony over a long period of time in a simplified way. In early 2000, when I was first thinking about this problem, I simply could not imagine the complexity of an existing nuclear power plant transported to another planetary body. It just seemed utterly impractical. But I also knew enough about proposed space nuclear power plants to realize that they would not be able to operate over the long periods of time needed for a base on the Moon or Mars that would be inhabited for many years.

Through a mutual friend, Buzz was told about our work on thorium at Flibe Energy and called me and began a mutual discussion and correspondence that culminated in our first face-to-face meeting. I really hope that Buzz can use his unique access to world leaders to tell them more about this compelling option for both this world and others.

In case we need it, here is a map of thorium concentrations on the surface of the Moon:

Thanks Buzz!

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