Flibe Energy in the UK, Part 9: Conclusion

On Friday, September 16, we spent several hours being interviewed for a potential future documentary on thorium. Later that afternoon, we had a brief meeting with Robin Grimes of Imperial College, Paul Madden of Oxford, Julian Kelly of the World Nuclear Association about the potential for thorium research in the UK and Europe. In the evening, for the second time I enjoyed beautiful music at St-Martin-in-the-Fields off Trafalgar Square.

On Saturday, September 17, we spent the morning in discussion and strategy with members of the Weinberg Foundation. That evening, I went to Leicester Square and saw Frankie Fenton again, whom I had first met the previous fall at ThEC2010.

On Sunday, September 18, it was time to go home at last. I was very ready to see my family. Even in Heathrow Airport I met surprising people. The representative for Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the state legislature was on my flight, and while I was waiting to board I took the opportunity to tell him more about thorium and Oak Ridge’s connection to the research.

It’s about an eight hour flight back to the States. As I flew home one of the movies I watched was Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life”. Those of you who might have seen the movie will remember this beautiful and inspiring sequence in the film.

A reminder just how rare, precious, fragile, and beautiful life and the human experience is.