The directors of Flibe Energy are:

Kirk F. Sorensen

Trevor S. Giles

Benjamin Soon Teng Tze

Biographies under “Company”.

Brigadier General (ret.) Ken Leong

Ken Leong has had more than 30 years of experience in government services in many fields including, but not limited to, strategic and operational planning, intelligence, operations, training, safety, project management, diplomacy, and public private partnerships (PPP). Ken was the architect of several multi-billion-dollar PPP programs in the government sector. These programs introduced a new paradigm of doing business with the government by having shared responsibilities, through an optimal distribution of tasks and risks between public and private sectors. It also introduced new capabilities, increased effectiveness and efficiency, and resulted in better outcomes at lower cost. Since leaving the Service in 2016, Ken has been in the field of defense and waste-to-energy business.

Doyce Olpin, Operations and Transmission Specialist

Doyce Olpin has worked in the electric power generation and transmission industry for 30 years. His career began in fuel management and material handling and has advanced to the highest levels of daily control/supervision for utility class subcritical boilers and turbines, totaling 1900 MWs of gross production. His positions, including auxiliary field operator, turbine/boiler operator, unit operator, and control operator, have provided an intimate familiarity with, and responsibility for, some of the industry’s largest and most powerful support systems required for electric power generation. Duties included management for electrical generation, transmission and unit stability through demand response communication with the western Energy Control Center. Additionally he was responsible for the implementation and coordination of the plant wide lock out/tag out process to insure personnel safety and equipment protection for daily interface between maintenance and operations and for annual repair outages. All involved multiple in-house departments and outside contractors as multi-million dollar maintenance repairs and upgrades were made to insure long term plant reliability for ratepayers and to provide base load power for the nation’s largest publicly owned electrical utility LADWP. Experience provided by three decades involved in large scale energy conversion and electrical generation has offered Doyce exclusive insight to the critical disadvantages posed by the continued use of fossil fuels as the dominant source for global electrical production. This understanding motivated in Doyce a driving desire to pursue a more efficient, potent, and sustainable source for electrical production. Years of study lead him to a realization that thorium and fuel cycles involving its use, i.e. LFTRs, could ultimately lead the world into a new energy paradigm. Where electricity with all of its benefits, would be sustainable and carbon neutral, while providing byproducts to enrich and prolong the lives of mankind. Doyce brings to Flibe Energy an intimate knowledge of the rigors of 24/7 electrical production, an understanding of the critical infrastructure and manpower requirements needed for the same, utility startup experience, LO/TO understanding, and a grasp of emerging technology as it relates to electrical production standards.

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