Flibe Energy is a private company and is not publicly listed nor traded on an exchange.

From time to time we may offer private investment vehicles to investors who meet “Accredited Investor” or “Qualified Purchaser” status as defined by US Federal securities rules and regulations.

Potential Investors: If you wish to be contacted regarding any investment opportunity, please send the following information to the e-mail below: Name, address, e-mail, contact number, whether you are an “Accredited Investor” or “Qualified Purchaser”, company you represent if any, and your level of financial interest.

We are receiving a steady stream of requests for investment and will place your inquiry in the order it was received in to be fair with the investment process. Should we proceed with an offering you will be given the opportunity to participate in the same order your request was received. Therefore, it is important that we receive all the information requested above.

Intermediaries: If you are an intermediary, please include the following information in addition to the information required above: Company you represent, whether or not you are the ultimate decision maker (Managing Director | Principal level at least), the length of your due diligence process, and typical time to execute. Failure to identify as an intermediary will result in removal of your information from our potential investor list.

Investment inquiries and information can be submitted to investment@flibe-energy.com.

Disclaimer: The foregoing is not to be construed as a solicitation to purchase or sell any securities. It is for information purposes only. Any offering will be made on a private placement basis and subject to any and all applicable securities laws of the United States of America.

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