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Flibe Energy Awarded $2.6M to Develop NF3 Fluorination

Flibe Energy is honored to announce that our proposal to develop fluorination technology for LiF-BeF2 molten salt has been selected for award by the US Department of Energy.

The following five projects were selected under the Advanced Reactor Development Projects pathway:
Fluorination of Lithium Fluoride-Beryllium Fluoride (FLiBe) Molten Salt Processing – Flibe Energy (Huntsville, AL) has teamed with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, WA) to examine the use of nitrogen trifluoride as an agent to remove uranium from a molten-salt fuel mixture as a preliminary step for the removal of fission products.
DOE Funding: $2,101,982; Non-DOE: $525,500; Total Value: $2,627,482