Relevant Patents

Reactor Design

US 4102740: Jul 25, 1978
Moderator Structure for the Core of a Molten-Salt Reactor
Jacques Marcel Blum, Edmond Ventre

US 4045286: Aug 30, 1977
Molten Fuel-Salt Reactor
Jacques Marcel Blum, Michel Grenon, Edmond Ventre

US 3743577: Jul 3, 1973
Single-Fluid Molten-Salt Nuclear Breeder Reactor
Edward S. Bettis, Herbert G. MacPherson, Alfred M. Perry, Orville L. Smith

A single-fluid molten-salt breeder reactor design.

US 3527669: Sep 8, 1970
Molten-Salt-Fueled Nuclear Breeder Reactor and Fuel Cell for Use Therein
Edward S. Bettis

A two-fluid molten-salt breeder reactor design with defined, integral blanket channels, very similar to the “alternate” design described in ORNL-4528.

US 3403076: Sep 24, 1968
Molten-Salt Breeder Reactor and Fuel Cell for Use Therein
Edward S. Bettis

A two-fluid molten-salt breeder reactor design with floating graphite pebbles in the blanket, very similar to that described in ORNL-4119.

US 3385759: May 28, 1968
Fast Burst Neutronic Reactor
Edward S. Bettis, Joseph H. Westsik

US 3262856: Jul 26, 1966
Fused-Salt-Fueled, Molten-Metal-Cooled Power Breeder Reactor System
Edward S. Bettis

A direct-lead-cooled, two-fluid molten-salt breeder reactor that represented a departure from mainline MSBR designs during the ORNL program.

US 3009866: Nov 21, 1961
Neutronic Reactor
Arthur P. Fraas, Carroll B. Mills

The “Fireball” reactor design intended for use in the Aircraft Reactor Test, which was never constructed.

Fluoride Reprocessing

US 7323153: Jan 29, 2008
Reprocessing method by fluoride volatility process using fractional distillation
Ippei Amamoto, Koji Sato

US 3963564: June 15, 1976
Method for Preventing Tritium Contamination of Secondary Salt and Steam in a Molten-Salt Reactor
Alfred Lecocq

US 3853979: Dec 10, 1974
Method for Removing Rare Earths from Spent Molten-Metallic-Fluoride Salt Mixtures
Leonard E. McNeese, Leslie M. Ferris, Fred J. Smith

US 3677719: Jul 18, 1972
Method for Reprocessing Molten-Fluoride Salt Reactor Fuels
Marvin E. Whatley

US 3672846: Jun 27, 1972
Method for Reprocessing Spent Molten-Salt Reactor Fuels
Leonard E. McNeese, Don E. Ferguson

US 3495975: Feb 17, 1970
Extraction of Protactinium from Molten-Salt Mixtures into Bi-Sn Solution
Warren R. Grimes, David M. Moulton, James H. Shaffer

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Method for Separating Uranium and Protactinium from Spent Molten Fluoride Salt Mixtures Containing Rare-Earth Fission Products
James H. Shaffer, David M. Moulton, Warren R. Grimes

US 3472633: Oct 14, 1969
Liquid-Liquid Removal of Protactinium from Spent Molten-Salt Mixtures Containing UF4
Leonard E. McNeese, Jack S. Watson, Marvin E. Whatley

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Recovery of Protactinium from Molten Fluoride Salts
Warren R. Grimes, James H. Shaffer

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Distillation Method for Reprocessing Molten-Salt Reactor Fuels
Minton J. Kelly

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Fuel Recycle System in a Molten-Salt Reactor
Leonard E. McNeese, Charles B. Scott

US 3110555: Nov 12, 1963
Separation of Protactinium from Molten-Salt Reactor Fuel Compositions
James H. Shaffer, James E. Strain, David R. Cuneo, Minton J. Kelly

US 2887357: Nov 3, 1944
Dry Fluorine Separation Method
Glenn T. Seaborg, John W. Gofman, Raymond W. Stoughton

Associated Processes

US 7666387: Feb 3, 2010
Carbonate Thermochemical Cycle for the Production of Hydrogen
Jack L Collins, et al.

Underwater Nuclear Powerplants

US 2002/0154725 A1: Apr 23, 2001
Seafloor power station
Zack Hayman III

US 5247553: Sep 21, 1993
Submerged passively-safe power plant
J. Stephen Herring

US 4302291: Nov 24, 1981
Underwater nuclear power plant structure
Stephen B. Severs, Harry V. Toll